1. Red Velvet Cakepops!

    One of my older posts that i’ve had a lot of people ask me to put back up is Red Velvet Cakepops. I don’t have enough time to write down all the ingredients and directions (atleast not right now), but consider it a pictorial :)

  2. I always saw these on Pinterest and thought that I would do it one day because it’s SO cute! I hate chalk and how dirty it gets, so I came up with an easier and more clean-looking idea. I bought plain black labels, and then bought a wite out pen from office depot. So much easier to write with and it looks so much nicer! I’m going back tomorrow to get more black labels because I now want to label everything! :D

    - Mehek


  3. I’m Back!

    Sooo…. I originally created this blog for my crafts and recipes…and to express my creative side. Then I got this dumb idea (after reading a bajillion wedding blogs) during my wedding time, to create a WEDDING BLOG. Little did I realize after my wedding was done, and Alhamdulillah did turn out great, that I didnt really WANT to show it off. It is what it is. And the dumbest thing I did was delete all my crafts and recipe posts :( and now everyone asks for them and I’m toooo lazy to post them back up. But I promise i’ll try. In the mean time, i’m going to get back on to posting my crafts and recipes, but i’ll go ahead and leave the wedding posts that I have too, for all those bride-to-be’s :)

    Next up… labeling stuff in the pantry!


  4. The Bridal Shower

    Ahh, my best friends did an AMAZING job with my bridal shower. It was so ME! It was Paris themed and all pink and black… They definitely know me well. :)

    The dessert table was just gorgeous and everything was so delicious. The party favors were adorable, little Eiffel tower key chains for everyone to take home!

    I was in love with my dress too, but can’t post any pics of me wearing it. (#HijabiProbz) Plus, the dress doesn’t look as pretty in pictures. The sequin top, the pink pleats… *in love*

    So yeah. My bridal shower pretty much rocked. :)

    - Mehek


  6. The Photoshoot

    Had a great time doing my photo shoot with Vinod from VEK Photo. He is such an amazing photographer! My Nikkah, Mehndi, and Wedding pictures were also by VEK Photo! 

    I decided to wear a chevron print in fall colors and i’m glad I did. Loved the pop of colors in all the pictures!

    - Mehek


  8. The Invitations

    I went to Pakistan the summer before my wedding for all the preparations. One of the major things on my to-do list were the invitations. It took me 5 shops and thousands of cards later to finally settle on the cards I picked. The color of each card matched the outfit I would wear to the event, and then I kept the damask theme at the wedding reception. I absolutely loved my invitation cards, the pictures don’t do it justice. :)

    - Mehek


  10. The Nikkah

    I had my Nikkah about 9 months before my wedding reception. I didn’t want to go all out just so I could save all the ‘wow’ for the wedding. However, it couldn’t be as simple as the engagement. After all it was the Nikkah… a pretty big deal!

    I went with Farah from Weddings by Farah for the stage decor. I can honestly say that she is one of the sweetest vendors to work with and she does an amazing job. I wore a lighter green, with a darker green and a pop of hot pink in my outfit. As you can probably tell, my favorite color is pink, so I decided to have everything with a pop of pink. 

    I changed up the dessert this time and had a Falooda bar. There’s the Desi in me that rarely comes out!

    Over all everything turned out great, especially for an event that I didn’t put as much effort in as I do later on with the wedding reception stuff. Boy did I go crazy with that lol, but more on that later!


  12. The Engagement Party

    We got engaged May of 2012. Seems like forever ago now! I always wanted a small, intimate party at home for my engagement. Family, a few friends and thats about it. Somehow I got sucked into having a bigger party at an actual venue, with a photographer, stage decor and all of that. But I still managed to keep it simple, kind of!

    I had Alpa Patel to do my stage decor for the party. She did a nice job, and was easy to work with (which I later found out is RARE!)

    My favorite part about my engagement party was the dessert table. I hired The Event Girls to decorate and bring all the desserts, and they did a FANTASTIC job! It was the details I fell in love with, and of course the desserts…

    I ended up being kind of thankful that the engagement wasn’t at home now. It’s nice to have good pictures to look back at :)

    - Mehek


  14. "There’s a difference between a wedding and a marriage. Make sure you want a husband and a life together, not just a diamond and a party."